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How to Get Free Steam Games

As a gamer, it is in our nature to have as many games as possible. Steam is the greatest game store for Windows PC’s as well as Mac PC’s. However, despite having a Steam account, how are you going to fill that gaming library of yours with new games especially when most of the games found on steam don’t come cheap? Here are ways to help you get Steam games for free! Don’t worry because they’re all done by legal means which means there will be no piracy involved.

  • Getting the games on SteamGifts

The best site that comes to mind when you’re on a quest to obtain free Steam games are through In this site, Steam gamers are allowed to share their games with other gamers for FREE! If you have extra games, then you can always put up an offer at the site. You can even set the duration of how long the offer will be available and the site will be the one to randomly choose the winner. Public as well as private giveaways are also possible and available.

Your best bet in winning these offers are basically just joining private contests because winning giveaway offers at SteamGifts have way too many odds. Of course, just because you’ve entered a private contest or have contributed and have offered a lot of games yourself, doesn’t mean that you won’t have any competition either way.

SteamGifts is a great place for you to try and win free games so remember to not get discouraged despite having the odds against you. If you lose, remember that there are more contests in the site that you can partake in so that you can have free games. Humble Bundles is also a great place to visit because it people give away Steam keys for the games that they already have in there.

  • Getting the games on Reddit

When you’re looking for a much more reliable source of Steam games, Reddit just might as well be your best bet. Patience is needed in this because all you need to do is hope that whenever you visit the site, the game you’re looking for is available and is for free considering that there are only multiple subreddits that are dedicated enough to put on free game dispersals.

When you want to trade or switch games, you can do them on Steam Game Swap, Random Acts of Gaming, and/or on Gift of Games subreddits. Take note to always be3 on your best manners whenever you are participating in any Reddit giveaways or trades. Make sure to thank the person you are dealing with in order to maintain a healthy partnership between the two of you and to make them want to trade with you again in the near future.

  • Getting the games on Steam itself

Surprise, surprise! Obviously, this was to be expected. Although they aren’t much, Steam offers its own variety of free games which can be found on their own Free to play section that has been noted to have 129 available single player and multiplayer games. An all time favorite would be the free download of Team Fortress 2 right off of Steam.

How to Get Free Coffee at Starbucks

PSL-e1410281913717Whenever we’re staying up late or wanting to stay awake for the entire day, the first thing that comes in mind is always coffee. And when we speak of coffee, our thoughts just go flying to the best coffee shop we know — Starbucks. However, we all know that Starbucks doesn’t come cheap and we also know that we don’t want to deprive ourselves of those delicious mixes. Surprisingly enough, there are ways for you to get free coffee, free food, and even free refills!

First off, the next time you visit Starbucks, ask a barista or a Starbucks employee for a Starbucks Reward card and make sure to register it online. In addition to that, you can download the Starbucks app into your phone. By then, you can load your card with any amount that you choose. All you need to do is make a purchase with either your Starbucks card or with your Starbucks app and you will receive stars for every purchase. The stars will determine your membership level and rating.

  • The Welcome/Entry Level

When you first register your card, you are in the “entry level” wherein you can get free birthday drinks or treats loaded into your account. You can also get 15% off discounts on any order at the online Starbucks Store. You are given early access to new products and by having the Starbucks mobile app, payment is easier and you can get to monitor your rating and membership level.

  • The Green Level

After obtaining 5 stars on the entry level within a span of 12 months, then the next is the Green Level wherein you get to have all the benefits from the entry level with an added bonus which is THE FREE REFILLS which can be fresh brewed coffee, iced coffee, or tea.

  • The Gold Level

The third and final level is the Gold Level which you can only get by earning 30 stars in a span of 12 months wherein the benefits from past levels still apply but with another added bonus which is getting free drinks every time you gain 12 stars. In addition to that, once you’re on Gold Level, you can even get a personalized Gold Card.

One of the greatest perk about Starbucks that is hidden to most is that whenever you are inside Starbucks reading a book, writing a study, and etc., you can get unlimited refills. Of course, the refills only happen after you have gone up to the Green Level. The awesomeness of this doesn’t just stop at the unlimited refills but there’s also the fact that even if you order a pumpkin spiced latte at first, you can have a salted caramel mocha as a refill! Oh, and they are absolutely GLUTEN FREE.

If you’re the type to love doing desk works, homework, reading books, and other activities within Starbucks, then it’s a given for you to enjoy these perks as wonderful as these and take advantage of them to the fullest!